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About us

ANTARES is a German supplier of high-quality logging tools and winches for open-hole and cased-hole wireline services. The headquarters in Germany with offices in Cairo and Houston serve customers in over 30 countries.

Customers find at ANTARES a ‘one-stop-shop’ offering a comprehensive logging system of downhole tools, easy-to-use panels and software. The downhole tools include the entire suite of established open-hole and cased-hole logging instruments with diameters of 1-11/16”, 2-½” and 3-3/8”. The combinability of these instruments helps to reduce rig time drastically.

We expand the product line continuously and always release new instruments, e.g. open-hole Micro Resistivity Imager, Array Acoustic, Cross Dipole Acoustic and Array Induction tools!

ANTARES instruments are accepted by State & International Oil Companies. They see ANTARES as a partner for leading edge technology as well as for training, maintenance and research & development.

Discover the 'German Engineering' difference!

Products and services

Open and cased-hole logging tools are the core business of ANTARES. We offer a large range of instruments and are continuously expanding our product lines.

All 3 3/8" and 2 1/2" open-hole instruments run under a telemetry and are rated 175 Deg.C / 350 Deg.F and 140 MPa / 20,000 psi.

Cased-hole instruments can be run under the same surface system as the open-hole tools to minimize the investment for hardware, software and additional training.

The ANTARES open- and cased-hole wireline tools have been accepted by National and International Oil Companies.

ANTARES offers a variety of slim-hole tools for mining and hydrological applications or cavern logging. ANTARES electrical and hydraulic winch offerings round out the system solution.

ANTARES supports you at all stages: we select the right equipment together with you, we offer tailor made training courses, we come to your base for commissioning and accompany your engineers on the first jobs if you want. And you can call us at any time to find solutions for your challenges.

Acoustic Instruments

Acoustic Instruments

ANTARES produces a wide range of acoustic instruments. Starting from a conventional Borehole Compensated Acoustic instrument via an Array Acoustic instrument, the product line includes also a Cross Dipole Acoustic instrument for detailed formation analysis. ANTARES Acoustic instruments are available in various sizes.

Micro Resistivity Imager

Micro Resistivity Imager

The ANTARES Micro Resistivity Imager is a 6-arm device recording the detailed image of a bore-hole with a high vertical resolution.

ANTARES Standalone Multiparameter Instrument

ANTARES Standalone Multiparameter Instrument

The ANTARES 1143 Multiparameter Instrument measures several parameters: Gamma Ray, Temperature, SP, and Resistivity. The weight of the instrument with 26 kg is extremely low. Together with a light weight ANTARES winch installed in an Aluminium box, operations at remote places can be carried out easily.

News & Innovations

New 3 3/8” wireline tools  ANTARES has added an Array Induction Log and a Cross Dipole Acoustic Instrument to the open-hole tools string.

The Array Induction Log measures apparent conductivities of the formation at seven different depths of investigation from 10" to 120". The conductivities become converted into resistivities, which are presented at vertical resolutions of 1 ft, 2 ft and 4 ft. The tool also includes an Spontaneous Potential (SP) measurement.

The ANTARES Cross Dipole Acoustic Instrument (XDA) instrument is a full-waveform monopole, dipole, and cross-dipole acoustic logging tool. It acquires reliable acoustic data for compressional, shear, and Stoneley wave evaluations. The design allows for simultaneous acquisition of two-directional dipole measurements aligned 90 degrees apart in the well.

Other instruments undergo a steadily upgrade e.g. our four-arm Caliper instrument was replaced by a six-arm Caliper

Ask us for more details. We are happy to provide you with more information and with a ‘fit for purpose’ solution for your requirements.

The new ANTARES tools add real value to an improved reservoir description for smarter production

Discover the ‘German Engneering’ difference!


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