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Image analysing system PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO:Microscope for automatic filter patch analysis as per ISO 4407

Rutesheim. PAMAS develops and manufactures automatic particle counters for fluid contamination control. The PAMAS product range includes measuring instruments for long-term condition monitoring of an array of liquids including hydraulic or lubricating oil and for contamination analysis of particulate matter in water, sea water, aviation fuel and pharmaceutical suspensions. At Hanover fair 2017, PAMAS presents an optical microscope image analysing system which is designed to analyse fluids that can prove problematic for automatic particle counters such as emulsions and dark fluids. The PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO microscope system analyses the entire effective filtration area of a filter membrane according to ISO 4407.

Fluid cleanliness can be monitored through optical particle counting. An automatic particle counter detects particulate contaminants in the fluid and measures their size and quantity. Some fluids however cannot be analysed through automatic particle counters. Amongst these are two phase liquids, highly contaminated fluids and emulsions. It is impossible to distinguish the immiscible liquid droplets contained in such samples from the solid particles, i.e. from the relevant particulate matter that is of interest in particle counting. In order for PAMAS to continue to support customers, existing and new, when analysing such fluids, PAMAS offers its own automatic microscope system for the analysis of filter membranes, the PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO.

The PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO system analyses particles trapped on the surface of the filter membrane and measures the length and width of each single particle. The user can capture images of any particles of interest on the filter membrane and add them to the end report with the dimensions of each particle displayed. The end report also includes an overview of the entire effective filtration area analysed depicting the chosen particles location on the filter patch. The PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO system provides results to international cleanliness standards including SAE AS 4059 F, NAS 1638, ISO 4406 and ISO 16232. If the user requires, the instrument is able to measure particles according to any user defined or customer specific standard.

Users of the instrument confirm that the PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO, compared to alternative microscope devices, provides key benefits: Firstly, sample analyses are repeatable and regardless of the filter patch orientation, the results are the same. Alternative microscopes do not allow inserting the filter in another orientation. The membrane filter patch is encased within a slide mount to ensure that the patch is held flat which removes the need for refocussing and more importantly prevents cross contamination. This also enables multiple analyses of the same sample to be carried out at any given stage in the future. Another benefit is the measuring speed of the PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO: It takes less than 5 minutes to analyse a filter patch with a diameter of 25 millimetres. Finally, the system incorporates a polarising option for the analysis of specific particle properties. Reflecting particles are categorised as metallic, and are highlighted in the particle results table. Equipped with this particular feature, the PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO enables differentiation of metallic and non-metallic particles, which has proven invaluable with some of PAMAS’ existing customers. This polarising feature has detected the early failure of breakdowns in internal components that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. The integrated polarising option further enables to detect transparent sample components like e.g. gelatinous particles. Their refractive index, which is similar to that of the surrounding air, makes the detection of such particles difficult. The polarising filter absorbs certain light parts and thus can make transparent particles visible.

The PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO system includes its own laptop preloaded with the software application required for analysis. This software programme is designed for membrane analysis and measures a wide variety of parameters, including the measurement of the particles length, width and area. The end report is fully customisable to the customer’s requirements, logo and branding. A short English demonstration video on the PAMAS website provides an explanation of the software and shows a full filter membrane analysis. The video can be viewed at after selecting the product page of the PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO.

Further information on the PAMAS FastPatch 2 GO and on the full PAMAS product line is available at the company’s website .

Exhibitor: PAMAS Partikelmess- und Analysesysteme GmbH

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