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FuchsRohr® AluDrill™ - Aluminum Drill Pipe offers Lightweight Solutions to Demanding Drilling Applications

OTTO FUCHS Drilling Solutions (OFDS) announces the introduction of its new, FuchsRohr® AluDrill™ high strength-to-weight aluminum alloy drill pipe. Incorporating aerospace grade aluminum alloy, FuchsRohr® AluDrill™ is up to 50% lighter than similar size steel pipe. Yet, this advanced pipe offers the strength to accommodate a wide range of drilling applications.

FuchsRohr® AluDrill™ is available in all standard sizes from 4 – 6 ⅝ inch and features a proprietary internal upset design, which allows it to be used with standard pipe handling equipment. While this pipe is typically provided with standard API connections, premium connections are also available. FuchsRohr® AluDrill™ has been tested and qualified by a leading testing company in Houston and has been successfully used in multiple shale drilling applications in the Niobrara, Colorado, formation. Initial drilling applications show strong potential to increase drilling rate of penetration in sliding and rotary mode with the use of proper drilling parameters and placement in the drill string.

Exhibitor: OTTO FUCHS Drilling Solutions GmbH

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