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Operating Safe and Steady

Reliable protection of commercial, strategic and military assets from attack requires persistent surveillance, 24/7, to provide sufficient time for security forces to react. Rheinmetall’s Persistent Surveillance System (PSS) is a unique and cost-effective solution that allows operators to enhance situational awareness and cut response times. Its multi-sensor surveillance system enables wide-area observation, detection, identification and monitoring. Originally developed for military surveillance, the PSS has a proven record, being in service in Central Asia, the Middle East, and North America for commercial and military customers.

For OTC 2017, Rheinmetall Canada will showcase the PSS which is a key component of our product portfolio. The PSS is a modular and scalable system that can easily be configured to meet specific needs, with future growth potential when customer requirements change. It comprises two separately available systems: the Persistent Surveillance Aerostat (PSA) and the Persistent Surveillance Tower (PST). The PSA consists of a stabilized electro-optical sensor system attached to an aerostat and tethered at altitudes of up to 300 metres, providing extended range surveillance capabilities of up to 20 km. The PST has a stabilized electro-optical sensor system and optional ground radars installed on a trailer-mounted mast that can be raised up to 32 metres in height. It provides surveillance capabilities at ranges of up to 10 km in all weather conditions. Using the SC2PS application, all PSTs and PSAs can be operated from a single container-sized control station. SC2PS adds metadata to the sensor imagery such as sensor field of view, target range and target coordinates, which are displayed in real time on the operator’s monitors. Digital geo-referenced reports with video and snapshots can be rapidly created and forwarded in real time to local or higher-echelon headquarters for immediate action. In addition, PSS can interface directly with other surveillance system such as CCTV, UAVs, and perimeter fence monitoring systems.

Rheinmetall Canada is dedicated to providing the world’s oil and gas industry with comprehensive security solutions to meet the most demanding operational requirements of today and tomorrow.

Exhibitor: Rheinmetall AG

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